Hong Tze Sculptures

Intricate designing and meticulous sculpturing are just two of the traits that our Hong Tze collection boasts. Snapshots of the orient frozen in beautiful works of art closely emulating a unique and highly prized stone found only in the Sou mountains of China.

#28144 3-Piece Alabastrite Hong Tze Horse
Horses charge in headlong flight in this action-packed scene, crafted in Hong Tze and polished to a bewitching finish. Price for set of 3.
$ 17.95
#29114 Alabastrite Hong Tze Fortune Frog
In Chinese lore, Chanchu the toad is thought to drive away evil, protect goods and money, and increase income. From the "Hong Tze Collection".
$ 10.95
#29115 Alabastrite Hong Tze Chinese Lion Pair
Second only to the dragon in greatness, the sacred and mythical Foo Dog is the symbol of good fortune, luck and wisdom. From the "Hong Tze Collection". Pair.
$ 34.95
#29116 Alabastrite Hong Tze Dragon
Dragons are legendary for their strength, power and fearlessness and this fellow is a great example of all three. From the "Hong Tze Collection".
$ 19.95
#29221 Hong Tze Galloping Horses
Wild horses take flight in this sculpture from the "Hong Tze Collection". Alabastrite.
$ 79.95
#30130 3-Piece Hong Tze Monkey Set
Good words to live by come from these three fellows. Hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil, the famous monkey trio is cast in detailed polyresin.
$ 17.95
#31344 Hong Tze Dragon Bookends
Polyresin bookends in dragon design, hong tze finish, full brown felt pad.
$ 29.95
#31347 Hong Tze Dragon With Crystal Ball
Polyresin sculpture in dragon with crystal ball design, Hong Tze finish, 4-piece black eva dot at bottom.
$ 59.95

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