Spun Glass

Check out the fine craftsmanship in our spun glass category. These delicately created pieces are perfect for gifts, collectors or anyone who enjoys finely crafted glass items. Choose from many designs and shapes.

#21780 Spun Glass Twin Swans
Graceful, spun glass swans float languidly on a reflective pond.
$ 9.95
#25558 Spun Glass Ballerina
Spun glass ballerina swirls a golden ribbon in a graceful arc. Pink mirror base, alabastrite rose accent.
$ 9.95
#27141 Spun Glass Elephants Carousel
Three glass elephants under the canopy and one perched on top, all trumpeting for you to give them a spin around their pink mirror base! Gold-trimmed.
$ 19.95
#27142 Spun Glass Dolphins Carousel
A trio of dolphins chase each other on this moveable carousel, while the scout on top leaps over a glassy wave. Trimmed in gold.
$ 19.95
#30255 Spun Glass Hummingbird "Love" Sculpture
A cheery hummingbird investigates the honeysuckle on this spun glass "love" heart complete with beveled, mirror base.
$ 14.95
#30305 Spun Glass Dolphins On Wave
A soft, frosted-blue tint, gold highlights, and crystal eyes enhance these two playful dolphins as they frolic over a morning-glory shaped base.
$ 14.95
#30307 Glass Sculpture Color Hummingbirds Carousel
Colorful, frosted hummingbirds with crystal eyes surround the center post of this ornately-designed, spun glass carousel accented with gold-plated trim.

$ 19.95
#30308 Glass Sculpture Color Dolphins Carousel
Frosted dolphins frolic around this spun glass carousel with its pink, mirrored base. A touch sends the carousel spinning, shimmering with gold-plated highlights.
$ 19.95
#30309 Spun Glass Train
Make way for the spun glass express. This miniature train is a must for any railroad buff. Engine and two cars are connected by gold-plated chains and have gold-plated accents throughout.
$ 14.95
#31456 Spun Glass Love Swans Cake Top
A perfect crown for your wedding cake. Two kissing swans amid trailing vines with golden accents.
$ 27.95
#32460 Glass Mom Heart & Flower
The spun glass technique is used here to create a sculpture of sweet sentiment that will win any mother's heart. A pink porcelain flower and gold trimming enhance the piece.
$ 15.95

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